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Michael speaks on a variety of issues related to politics, culture and business.

Prior to his radio career, Michael was a seminar speaker with a focus on business growth and marketing.

His main talk, “How to Get Free Publicity for any Product, Service, Company or Cause” was highly acclaimed and Michael’s ideas on getting free exposure from the press were featured in dozens of trade association publications and magazines including Forbes, Entrepreneur, The American Salesman, Creative Selling, Sales and Marketing Executive Report, and dozens of newspapers as well as radio and television interviews across the US.

Although he still offers this presentation, Michael’s primary focus today is on the issues that face middle America.

Michael is available to speak to groups of almost any size from 50 to 5000 on a range of compelling topic that include:

“Unknown America”

In this riveting program your group will learn amazing facts and falsehoods about America. People, places, and things the history books got completely wrong or simply ignored. This program is chock full of some of the most interesting factoids about America you will ever learn. Perfect for: school groups, college classes, political rallies, and as a general entertainment breakout session for your next association or corporate event.

“Banking on War”

In this compelling and provocative presentation, Michael delves into the relationship between the international banking community, the US Federal Reserve and the funding of wars across the globe. From the Revolutionary War to modern conflicts, all wars have been funded and of course usually by banks, whether public institutions or banking cabals. Making war is hugely profitable and in this revealing program, Michael exposes the international players and the role central banks play in financing international disputes while giving intricate details of specific wars. Perfect for: college history classes, civic and political groups, gun owner associations, us history clubs.

“Constitutional Confusion”

In this information packed program, Michael explores the intent of our founding document, clarifies misunderstandings, sheds light on what the Framers were trying to convey, what they hoped future generations would remember, and their concerns of what America would become if the US Constitution were ever allowed to be disregarded. Unfortunately their concerns in many ways have come to pass. Michael makes a flawless case for returning to a strict interpretation of the document, lest the United States would cease to exist as we know it. Perfect for: any group of patriotic Americans, college or high school history classes, and civic or political groups and associations.